One on One Online Playwriting Course

Richard Caliban has spent his life in rehearsal rooms getting words on a page up onto a stage. This course will cover the craft aspect of playwriting; the nuts and bolts logistics that can make all the difference in getting your play produced; and dozens of insights and tips on how to infuse your script with artistry and depth. 

Since it’s one on one, the course can be adjusted to fit your level of experience. So whether you’re someone who wants to find out if writing plays is what you want to do, or whether you’re already working on a script but just want a little refresher — this can be a great way to jump start the process and get you immersed in the art of playwriting. 

The Course Includes

Lectures On Playwriting Elements

  • Each week you will learn one of the basic components of playwriting. 

Weekly Assignment

  • Short assignments corresponding to the lecture topics, giving you the opportunity to put into practice what you’re learned.

Facetime/Skype Session

  • Each week you will have a half hour live discussion with the instructor, Richard Caliban.

Sample Plays

  • A play is assigned to read and discuss each week.

Writing a Play

  • Working on a script is the best way to learn, so during the course you will work on a long term project: writing a play. 

How Does It Work? 

Enroll anytime. And then each week you receive materials, assignments and feedback via email and video conference. 

Richard Caliban has directed, taught and/or lectured at The National Theatre Conservatory, NYU, Columbia University, C.W. Post College, Hunter College, The City College of New York, Towson University, The Lincoln Center Director’s Lab, The Director’s Guild, Gotham Writers Workshop, The Playpen and The Playwrights Group. He was a New York State Council on the Arts Panelist for Playwriting. Caliban received his education at Bard College, the Yale School of Drama and the New York Film Academy.