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Gary Kupper’s rock and roll musical, Rock and Roll Man… The Alan Freed Story,  is slated for a run at famed Buck’s County Playhouse in the fall of 2017. The show chronicles the life of legendary DJ, Alan Freed, who gave Rock & Roll its name.

Future plans for the show include another regional or New York run before ultimately moving to a Broadway house the following year. Rock on, Gary!

Hope Weiner’s play, Platform was performed at Dirty Blonds Bombshell Benefit: “the wickedly brilliant Hope Weiner always packs a punch. Her words are funny and heartfelt and she is always able to create the most genuine moments on stage — even if the circumstances are quite strange”. 


In 2016, after years of hard work,  Stanley Hathaway’s first full length play, March 9, 1965, was showcased in two knock-out readings. “I’m enjoying starting the work on the next draft.”, says Stanley.

A bright future is predicted for March 9th 1965  in 2017!



Janice Maffei’s How To Bury A Saint was performed at The Schoolhouse Theatre in Croton Falls, NY.

Ms. Maffei takes “How to Bury a Saint” into unexpected territory, with subplots touching on the divergent needs of different generations… — Sylviane Gold, The New York Times 

Kathryn Leary spent much of 2016 in Kingston, Jamaica, teaching yoga, teaching meditation, exploring the countryside and rediscovering roots from her time there as a college student in the early 70’s.  This summer she was inspired to write a book about the legend Bob Marley, whom she knew and hung out with back in the day.  She visited Trenchtown and saw where Bob lived as a teenager and first learned to play the guitar.  She spent many days at Bob’s house, her old stomping ground and now The Bob Marley Museum, sat in the yard with her laptop and worked on her play.  Her book will be a very different take on Marley and the work has begun!  Kathryn returns to Jamaica in March for research.  It’s going to be a busy and exciting 2017!



Stephen Bishop Seely on set during filming of his movie, Trigger Happy.

“I’m not explaining the picture. You will just have to see the film!”