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Angel Lam

Angel Lam

Angel Lam is a composer and writer praised as “otherworldly, dreamily poetic short story and fanciful music” (New York Times), “precious, soaring lyrical lines.” (Metropolitan Opera Opera News)  She has received three Carnegie Hall commissions, composed works for solo cellist Yo-Yo Ma, and has been part of Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble’s worldwide touring repertoire since 2007.  Her work was featured on the CD Off the Map and nominated for a GRAMMY for Best Classical Crossover Album.  Her other works have been performed by Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Minnesota Orchestra, Colorado Symphony Orchestra, Yale Cellos, Yale Norfolk Chamber Music Festival, NYU Symphony, University of California Irvine Symphony, Greenwich Village Orchestra, Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Peabody Dance, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, and Osvaldo Golijov and Dawn Upshaw Carnegie Hall workshops, among others.

As composer, librettist and artistic director, she premiered her full-length musical June Lovers, commissioned by the international Hong Kong Arts Festival. She received the Hong Kong Arts Development Council Literary Award to develop and publish her works.  Her play with music, Lost in Shanghai, is in development with Pan Asian Repertory Theatre and Playwrights Group in New York. Her other theatre works have been performed at Theatre Row, HERE Arts Centre, The Tank, China Institute of New York, National Sawdust and The Museum of Chinese American (MOCA). Recently she completed her first short film Color of the Mind as composer and writer in collaboration with Interlochen Center for the Arts.  She lives in Manhattan and teaches a private studio of music students, and writes critical reviews of theater productions.  More about her please visit: 

Massimo Licata

Massimo Licata & Caruso

Massimo dedicates himself to the visual arts: sculpture and painting. He also studies music composition at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music. His work has been shown at The Philip Laverne, Robert Young and Opus galleries in Manhattan. And he has also had solo shows at the Elaine Horwitch Galleries in Santa Fe and Scottsdale, AZ; and the Dietrich, Bloomgarten and Bielenky galleries in Soho, NY. 

In 2016 Massimo received a retrospective exhibition of his work at the Curtiss Jacobs Gallery in Harlem, followed in 2018 by a second solo show. Since then Massimo has been passionately immersing himself in fiction/play/script writing, attending classes at the 92nd Street Y and Gotham Writers Workshop. His goal now: To write a (first) full length play. To be continued… Hopefully! Massimo’s artwork can be seen at:

Jim Sampson

Jim Sampson holds a BFA in Musical Theater from Syracuse University.  He has been an actor, singer, dancer, musician, choreographer, and director. After taking classes at Gotham Writers’ Workshop, he is now channeling his love of language into writing plays, most of which incorporate wit, wordplay, history, art, and/or music somehow.  He is a member of the New Play Exchange.

Plays by Jim Sampson

In the Shadow of the Sun

Cast: 15. Genre: Drama
When you’re Louis XIV’s brother, how do you shine in the shadow of the sun?

Boldness Rewarded

Cast: 9, Genre: Comedy
In this modern, gay Restoration comedy, Will Loveknot has had every gay man in town…except one.  After he gets a job in Rich Facade’s costume shop, the one holdout, Mark Ames, comes through the door, and he and Loveknot begin a battle of wits and moralities.  Attractions and distractions include Harry Baer, Jim Bunnie, Phil de Touinqui, Al Snafu, and the Dumbell sisters.  Who’ll win?  Who’ll lose?  Who’ll give in?  Who’ll put out?  Who will have his BOLDNESS REWARDED?


Cast: 7, Genre: Farce
In this commedia dell’arte farce based on three Vermeer paintings, Oblivia Ditzentwerp is trying to catch a man with her pen.  Her childhood friend and neighbor Hans Grabbendik is trying to catch the same man with his “sword”.  Which is mightier?  Their fathers have their own plans.  Meantime, Oblivia’s maid Trycksie is managing everyone’s affairs while also managing to make a florin or two hundred.  And then there’s Hosenpantz…What can you do when everything’s ASKEW?  Vermeer didn’t paint this story…

Queen, King, Pawn

Cast:9 , Genre: Drama
How does an illiterate peasant girl from a remote village travel 150 leagues to her insecure king and convince him to let her save war-torn France?  The better question is who…  This is campaign finance, 15th-century style.

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble

Cast: 4, Genre: Farce
What dark farces are unleashed when three sisters rehearse the witches’ scene from Macbeth and change the lines?  You’ll never think of Joan of Arc the same way again…

The Hostess

Cast: 8, Genre: comedy
What are a hostess’ duties when her party seems to go on forever…

I Am a Credenza

Cast: 2, Genre: Farce
Psychiatrists Duncan Phyfe and Lauren Ralph meet for a blind date and find they have much in common.  After she reveals her interest in his work on fetishes, the professional turns personal with twisted results.  

Hope Weiner

I’ve written stuff and people have performed it, but what continues to intrigue me when I create stories is the so called human condition, the words that capture it and are then able to endure. Rocky’s story is  a great example of the crazy menorah of the spirit that allows us to go those extra rounds even when confronted with a crazy challenger. 

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